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In the last few years we have seen a new and growing recognition for Alicante’s Fondillón. In its long history it has lived through light and shadow, from its prominence on the tables of the European courts or in historical and literary references, to its fall into the most merciless oblivion. Today, it is reborn with an exclusive elaboration that has remained unchanged throughout the centuries and the European Union recognises it as one of the five great wines of the world together with Jerez, Bordeaux, Oporto and Champagne.


As early as 1498 there is evidence of the Monastrell reds that were the origin of Fondillón, also known as ‘Alicante’. In the 15th century, this wine was in great demand on the great expeditions of Magellan and Elcano that sailed the Atlantic, as it is known to have protected sailors from scurvy.

It also enjoyed a great reputation at the court of Fernando el Católico or in the salons of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France, which made it rightfully enter the category of wine of kings and queens.

Shakespeare or Emilio Salgari mentioned it in some of their works, as did Alexandre Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo or Daniel Defoe in Robinson Crusoe.

It is one of our great legacies, both cultural and gastronomic, so it is our duty to continue writing its great and wonderful history.


This wine is made exclusively in vintages of exceptional quality, from overripe grapes from old vineyards of the indigenous Monastrell grape with very low yields. It is the oenological jewel of the Vinalopó Valley, which has become, on its own merits, a fundamental piece of the Mediterranean treasure.

Fondillón Tesoro de Villena is made using the traditional Criaderas and Soleras system. This system allows the quality of our product to be very high and homogeneous, because in all the barrels there is a percentage of the mother solera started in 1972 that transmits its characteristics to the wine that has arrived later.

For this reason, our Fondillón has no vintage. Each bottle has a unique blend of wines from various years that have aged together for at least ten years to form a complex Fondillón. The true art of our winemakers lies in the combination of the different barrels and casks in different proportions condensed in each bottle.


Its copper colour with amber reflections denotes its maturity. It has a complexity of aromas ranging from balsamic to dried fruit (rutos secos), including dried fruits such as dried apricots and prunes, as well as honey and cinnamon. On the palate it is smooth and warm, with great acidity and fine sweetness, ending with a long and pleasant finish provided by the old noble wood.

It is perfect with blue cheeses, salted meats, and any type of chocolate or sweet, so it can be drunk as an aperitif and as a dessert. Also ideal for cocktail combinations due to its persistence and wide range of aromas.